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Class: Antibacterials
Dosage Form: Tablets
Description: Broad spectrum fluoroquinolone antibiotic
Stock: Available
Manufacturer: SEDICO


Levofloxacin……………………250 or 500 mg
Vial (100 ml):
Levofloxacin………………………………500 mg


Levofloxacin is a synthetic broad spectrum antibiotic fluoroquinoloine, which is the levorotatory form of ofloxacin. Levofloxacin acts on DNA gyrase enzyme required for DNA replication, repair and recombination.
Levofloxacin is bactericidal and has a wide antibacterial spectrum that covers many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and anaerobes.
There is no cross-resistance between levofloxacin and other groups of antibacterial agents.
Food has a little effect on absorption o levofloxacin. it is rapidly and almost completely absorbed with bioavailability of 100%. it reaches the peak plasma concentration within 1 hour and penetrates well to different body tissues.
Levofloxacin has a duration of action of 24 hours and it is eliminated mainly via the kidney.


Treatment of bacterial infections due to levofloxacin-susceptible microorganisms such as:

  • Sinusitis due to H. influenzae, S.pneumoniae, S. aureus, M. Catarrhalis and H. parainfluenzae.
  • Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis due to H.influenzae, S.penumoniae, S.aureus, M. Catarrhalis, E. coli, H. parainfluenzae and K. pneumoniae
  • Community acquired pneumoniae due to H. influenzae, S .aureus, M. catarrhalis, k.pneumoniae, s.faecialis, p.mirabilis, enterobacter species and p.aeuroginosa
  • Uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections due to s.aureus, s.pyogenes, p.mirabilies, p.aeuroginosa, e.coli, k.penumoniae, and s.fecalis
  • Complicated skin and skin structure infections due to S. aureus, S. pyogenes, P. mirabilis, e.coli, S. faecialis and E. colacae
  • Intra-abdominal infections due to E. coli and anaerobic micro-organisms


Hypersensitivity to quinolones, epilepsy, children or adolescents, pregnancy and lactation.

Drug Interactions:

Levofloxacin should not be used in association with iron salts, antacids, sucralfateand theophylline.

Side Effects:

Gastric or abdominal symptoms, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Disturbanes of the nervous system e.g. headache, dizziness, sleep disturbances, parasthesiae.
Skin allergic manifestations and local reaction at the site of injection.

Dosage and Administration:


  • One 500 mg tablet daily once daily, or
  • One 250 mg tablet twice daily

2. Parenteral:

  • As directed by the physician


Levofloxacin may alter reactivity to such extent that the ability to drive or operate machinery may be impaired.
Although photosensitization is rare, exposure to strong sunlight or UV rays is not recommended.
False negative results in the bacteriological diagnosis of tuberculosis may be obtained due to the inhibition of the grown of mycobacterium by levofloxacin.


Box of 5 tablets (250 or 500 mg).
Box of 1 vial (100 ml).


Store at room temperature, below 25°C.

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