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Class: Dietary Supplements
Dosage Form: Tablets
Stock: Available
Manufacturer: Eva Pharma


Thioctic acid (lipolic acid)……………300 and 600 mg


Thioctic acid is a biologically occurring substance which acts as a cofactor in the pyruvate-dehydrogenase complex, the alpha ketoglutarate-dehydrogenase complex, and the amino acid hydrogenase complex. Reduced levels of thioctic acid have been found in patients with liver cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, and polyneuritis.
During the metabolic process thioctic acid may be transformed from its oxidized form(with the disulfide bridge in the molecule) to its reduced dihydroform with two free sulfide groups. Both forms have strong antitoxin effects. They protect the cell from free radicals that result from intermediate metabolites or from the degradation of exogenous molecules and from heavy metals .
Dihydrolipoic acid also scavenges superoxide radicals and hydroxyl radicals and prevents lipid peroxidation. Thioctic acid delays the onset of motor hexacarbon-induced neuropathy, and dihydrolipoate protects neurons against ischemic damage by inhibiting accumulation of free oxygen radicals in cerebral tissues.


Thiotacid is indicated in:

  • Diabetic polyneuropathy
  • Neuritis
  • Poly-neuritis
  • Optic neuritis
  • Encephalopathies


Hypersensitivity to thioctic acid.

Drug Interactions:

Dose must be adjusted in diabetic patients as thioctic acid may decrease blood sugar levels of glucose and has an additive effect to insulin and other hypoglycemic medications.

Side Effects:

The following side effects are to be noted:

  • After too rapid IV injection ( faster than 50 mg / min.) tension headache and shortness of breath may occasionally occur, these symptoms resolve spontaneously
  • Local allergic reactions might occur at the injection site, and may proceed to anaphylactic shock in hypersensitive patients
  • Symptoms of paraesthesias may temporarily worsen at the beginning of the therapy

Dosage and Administration:

The following is generally recommended:

  • 600 mg -1800 mg daily in divided doses according to the severity of the case and physician’s prescription
  • The tablet should be taken on an empty stomach


Animal studies have not demonstrated teratogenic effects, there are no adequate studies in humans, therefore thioctic acid should only be used if the benefits to the mother outweigh the potential risks to the fetus.


Pack of 3 strips of 10 tablets each.


Store at room temperature, below 25°C.

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