Drugs , Vitamins and Minerals / October 15, 2016

Class: Vitamins and Minerals
Dosage Form: Tablets
Description: Nerve tonic
Stock: Available
Manufacturer: Eva Pharma


Each tablet contains:
Benfotiamine (Vitamin B1)………………….40 mg
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)……………………..60 mg
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)…………..250 µg


Milga tablets combines three components that together have a potent effect on the remedy of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of nerves and loco motor organs, also Milga aids in the alleviation of associated pain on account of its analgesic, antiallergic and circulation-promoting properties.
Benfotiamine is a lipid-soluble form of thiamine (vitamin B-1), it is also designated as antineuritic vitamin. In its phosphorylated form (TPP) as carboxylase, it regulates the breakdown of carbohydrates and is used against acidotic metabolic disturbances. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)  regulates protein, fat and carbohydrate breakdown. Its neurotropic effect is used, for example, in isonicotinic acid hydrazide therapy for the avoidance of neuritides. Its effects on the brain stem attenuate extrapyramidal symptoms.

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) is essential for cell metabolism, normal blood formation and functioning of the nervous system. It catalyses biological nucleic acid synthesis, and consequently the structure of new cell nuclei. Owing to the complementarities of its components, the vitamin combination in Milga, with its causal effect and good tolerance, has a wide range of uses far exceeding the treatment of acute and chronic neurological diseases.


Diseases of various origins that affect particularly peripheral neural system, neuritis, neuralgia, polyneuropathies (e.g. diabetic, alcoholic, etc.), myalgia, radicular syndromes, retrobulbar neuritis, herpes zoster, facial palsy and trigeminal neuralgia.


If hypersensitivity towards any of the ingredients is suspected, otherwise there are no known contraindications.

Drug Interactions:

There are interactions with INH, D-penicillamine, cycloserine theophylline & MAOIs. Therapeutic doses of vitamin B6 may reduce the effectiveness of L-dopa & hydralazine.

Side Effects:

In rare individual cases there may be allergic hypersensitivity reactions.

Dosage and Administration:

The following is generally recommended:
  • One tablet up to 3 times daily
  • The tablet should be taken with adequate amount of liquid


No special precautions are required but doses of pyridoxine higher than 200mg over a long period of time should be avoided.


Pack of 3 strips of 10 tablets each.


Store at room temperature, below 25°C.

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