Drugs , Musculoskeletal System / September 24, 2016

Class: Musculoskeletal System
Dosage Form: Capsules
Description: For management of osteoarthritis
Stock: Available
Manufacturer: Eva Pharma


Glucosamine sulphate……………500 mg
Ascorbic acid………………………..300 mg


Gucosamine compound tablet is formulated to meet the natural challenge of arthritis, its main components glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate are combined in a therapeutic dosage for optimal conditions to reconstruct the cartillage matrix, while ascorbic acid works by mopping free oxygen radicals thus aiding in the prevention of cartiallge damage.
Glucosamine sulphate, an endogenous aminosaccharide made up of glucose and an amino acid, glutamine, is an important part of the mucopolysaccharides which provide structure to the bone, cartilage, skin, and other tissues. It helps the manufacture of collagen which is the protein part of the fibrous substance that holds joints together, by improving joint function, it helps reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis.
Chondroitin sulphate is the most abundant glycosaminoglycan localized in cartilage, bone and heart valves, it is derived from the sulphated polymer D-glucouronic acid beta (1-3) D-N-acetyl galactosamine beta (1-4), chondroitin facilitates lubrication in the joints resulting in freedom of movement, it sweeps nutrients into the cartilage and the fluid acts like a spongy shock absorber Glucosamine and chondroitin work synergestically to help stimulate cartilage production and control cartilage damaging enzymes and therefore help maintain an equilibirum between cartilage catabolic and anabolic processes. Glucosamine compound tablet is thus effective in treating the disease at the cellular level.


Glucosamine is indicated in:


  • All types of osteoarthritis
  • Osteoarthritis during recovery of injury and after operations
  • Dystrophy at joints associated with aging
  • As preventive measure in cases of overburdening of joints, in intensive sport and stress injury
  • Poor work posture, heavy lifting, generally during aging



Known hypersensitivity to any of the product’s components.

Side Effects:

Rarely, gastrointestinal disturbances, mild headache, and skin rash.

Dosage and Administration:

1 tablet three times daily.


Pack of 3 strips of 10 capsules each.


Store at room temperature, below 25°C.

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