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Class: Teeth and Gums
Dosage Form: Mouthwash
Stock: Available
Manufacturer: Multipharma


Each 100 ml contains:
Cetylpyridinium chloride…………………………………………………………………………………………………..0.05 g
Bis (hydroxyethyl) – amino-propyl hydroxyethyl 1-Octa decylaminedihydro-fluroide…………….0.125 g


Helps lower surface tension, penetrating and loosening surface deposits and emulsifying debris especially those present in the regions of interproximal spaces where it is difficult to maintain adequate hygiene.
Due to its content of cetylpridinium chloride, Ezafluor has an antiseptic function for oral cavity and for throat when used as gargle.
Due to its fluoride content, Ezafluor is a very effective medium for applying fluoride to teeth providing caries inhibitory effect. It contains an amine fluoride which is superior to inorganic fluorides (e.g. sodium fluoride). The amine fluoride has an additional surface active effect so that it is well distributed in the saliva and strongly adheres to the surfaes of the teeth and to the interdermal spaces as well, and can therefore form a reservoir of fluorine. The use of amine fluoride leads to an accumulation of fluoride in the enamel.
Ezafluor inhibits sugar breakdown into organic acids (glycolysis).
Ezafluor has prophylactic action against dental plaque and caries by inhibiting microorganisms in the oral cavity and inactivating the enzymes involved.
The antibacetrial effect persists in the oral mucosa and discourages further plaque formation, thus reducing the risk of peridontal disease and the incedence of gum disease. Again organic fluorides (the component of Ezafluor) are proved to be superior to inorganic fluorides in these aspects.
Ezafluor is a useful adjunct to tooth brushing especially in cases of oral infection. It is also useful when tooth brushing is not possible for the physically or mentally handicapped or during incapacity through illness.
Ezafluor is clove flavored. Clove is known for its local anesthetic properties as a remedy for toothache.


Ezafluor is indicated:

  • As a potent antiseptic for prevention and treatment of inflammation of the mouth, gums and throat including aphthous ulcers, thrush, gingivitis, stomatitis, glossities, tonsilitis, and pharyngitis
  • For use before and after dental surgery
  • For its prophylactic action against dental plaque and caries. Its caries inhibitory effect depends on regular and sustained use

Dosage and Administration:

The following is generally recommended:

  • To be used as such without dilution
  • It must be used regularly and should not be swallowed but in the mouth for one minute then spit out
  • Use 15-20 ml (tablespoonful) twice daily or 3-4 times daily in cases of infections of the oral cavity and tongue and rinse the mouth thoroughly
  • Avoid eating, drinking or rinsing the mouth with water for 15 minutes after use
  • It is used as gargle in cases of throat infections, tonsilitis or bad breath


Bottle of 120 ml.


Store at room temperature, below 25°C.

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