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Almitrine bismesylate………30 mg


Oxygen is necessary for the activity of the organs and in particular for that of the brain which requires 20% of the total oxygen consumed by the organism.
During life, blood vessels lose their elasticity and their walls thicken. This process produces, in the beginning, a simple slowing down of blood circulation but may, in certain cases, develop into an obstruction of a vessel.
Whatever the state of the illness, oxygen does not reach the brain in sufficient quantities; the nerve cells suffer and do not function properly. This malfunction may cause various symptoms, depending on the organ affected: loss of memory, headache, tinnitus, decreased hearing or sight.
Duxil enriches arterial blood with oxygen. With Duxil, the blood traps more oxygen in the lungs.
Duxil ensures permanent oxygenation of the arterial walls and of cerebral tissue, as proved by pharmacological studies. This improved oxygenation allows a better functioning of nerve cells.


Duxil is indicated for subacute and chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency with its varied symptoms: loss of memory, decreases in intellectual efficiency and concentration, vascular disorders of the retina and inner ear.

Drug Interactions:

The following are warned against:

  • Duxil should not be administered concurrently with other preparations containing almitrine
  • Do not administer concurrently with MAOIs

Side Effects:

The following side effects are to be noted:

  • Rare cases of digestive and central disorders
  • Rare cases of weight loss, of persisting pins and needles in the lower limbs
  • Pay special attention to any weight loss of at least 3 kg., or to any pins and needles, persistent prickling, numbness in the feet and lower limbs
  • Under these circumstances, stop the treatment and inform the physician

Dosage and Administration:

1-2 tablets every 24 hours in 2 doses at regular intervals.

Pregnancy and Lactation:

As for any new molecule, the use of Duxil is not advised in , pregnant women, particularly during the first months of pregnancy; unless, in the opinion of the physician, the therapeutic use surpasses any potential risk.


Box of 3 strips of 10 tablets each.


Store at room temperature.

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