Generic Name
Obsterics & Gynaecology
Lynesterol...................0.5 mg
Oral contraceptive
Exluton is an oral contraceptive containing a small quantity of an active progestational substance - lynesterol 5 mg. It differs from the current oral contraceptives in that it contains no esterogenic substance and must be taken daily even during your menstrual period. While it is being taken, normal menstruation goes on as usual.
The use of oral contraveptives is a reliable method for the prevention of pregnancy.
Oral contraceptive for the prevention of pregnancy.
Drug Interactions
Side Effects/Adverse Effects
  • During the first months of use, you may have a bleeding at irregular times. Experience has shown that this is almost certainly a temporary problem. Just as you should continue to take your daily tablet during your normal menstrual period, you should also continue to take your daily tablet even if you experience an irregular bleeding. If the irregular loss of blood is serious or prolonged, you must inform your doctor.
  • In some rare cases menstruation fails to occur. Provided that you have taken your tablets correctly, this will almost certainly not mean that you are pregnant. Just continue to take the tablets. If your menstrual period is more than one month overdue, them you must consult your doctor in order to exclude the possibility of pregnancy; if you prefer to do this earlier you may of course do so.
  • In the first months of use you may experience some nausea, headache or swelling and painfulness of the breasts. These symptoms usually disappear rapidly; if not, you should consult your doctor.
  • You may put on weight when taking the tablets. Experience has shown that the weight after some time stabilises and, in most cases, can easily be controlled by a suitable diet.
  • If you should experience symptoms such as a sudden severe headache, pain in the chest, visual disturbance, or a swollen arm or leg, you must go to see your doctor.
Pregnancy & Lactation
Dosage & Administration
To obtain the greatest possible certainty with regard to the contraceptive action of Exluton, it is absolutely essential that you follow precisely the directions for use given below. Taking the tablets irregulary and, above all, foretting to take one or more of them, lessens the reliability of this method of contraception. Moreover, the reliability may also be reduced if, during the use of Exluton, severe gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea or vomiting occur.

How should you take Exluton?
Next to each tablet is printed the day on which that particular tablet is to be taken. A tablet can be removed from the pack by pressing on the plastic bubble over the tablet. The tablet should be swallowed without chewing.

On which day do you start taking Exluton?
  • Wait until your next menstrual period.
  • On the day on which bleeding starts, take your first Exluton tablet. You take one tablet marked with that day of the week from the top row.
  • You continue to take one tablet a day until the pack is empty, always following the direction indicated by the arrows.
  • In this way, you can easily check whether you have taken you daily tablet, because the day of the week on which a particular tablet should be taken is clearly indicated.
How to continue with the next Exluton pack?
When a pack is empty, you begin the next day - thus without interruption and without waiting for your next menstrual period - with a new pack of Exluton. (Remember to ask your doctor in time for a new pack.)
Once again you take the first tablet from the top row, the one corresponding to the day of the week. Then you continue to take one tablet every day as before, following the direction indicated by the arrows.

What is meant by taking regularly?
You should always take one tablet at the same time every day. It is best to do so about the time of the evening meal.

What must you do when you have forgotten to take a tablet?
As soon as you notice that you have forgotten to take even a single tablet, you must take one immediately. Naturally, you should then continue to take your daily tablet in the normal way. At the same time you should consult your doctor.

Consult your doctor whenever you are in doubt about the directions for use. If you are under medical treatment - no matter for what - you should tell the doctor treating you that you are taking Exluton.
Store in a dark, dry place at 2-30°C.
Strips with 28 tablets.
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