Generic Name
Amoxycillin and Flucloxacillin
Amoxycillin (as trihydrate)...................125 mg or 250 mg
Flucloxacillin (as monohydrate)............125 mg or 250 mg
Suspension (5 ml):
Amoxycillin (as trihydrate)...................................125 mg
Flucloxacillin (as monohydrate)............................125 mg
Amoxycillin (as sodium salt).................250 mg or 500 mg
Flucloxacillin (as sodium salt)...............250 mg or 500 mg
Broad spectrum antibitoic.
Flumox is a combination of two bactericidal penicillins: amoxycillin (broad-spectrum penicillin) and flucloxacillin (penicllin-resistant penicillin), to produce a wider specrtum of acitivity. Flucloxacilin exerts a bacetricidal action on penicillinase-producing microorganisms including most staphylococci. This combination exhibits bacetricidal activity against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative microogranisms including penicillinase and non-penicillinase-producing Staphylococci, Streptocoffus pyogenes, pneumoniae, and faecalis, Corynebacterium diphteriae, Clostridia s pp., Bacillus anthracis; H.influenzae, Moraxella (Branhamelia) catarrhalis, N.gonorrheae and meningitidis, E.coli, Proteus mirabilis, Salmonella, Brodetella pertussis and Bacteroides mealninogenicus.
  • Respiratory tract infections : Bronchitis, penumonia and emphysema.
  • Ear, nose and throat infections : Otitis media, sinusitis, tonsilitis and pharyngitis.
  • Gastro-intestinal tract infections : Enteritis, cholecystitis, typhoid and paratyphoid fever.
  • Genito-urinary tract infections : Cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, gonorrhea, and puerperal sepsis.
  • Skin and soft-tissue infections : Boils, carbuncles, abscesses, cellulitis, post-operative wounds infections and intra-abdominal sepsis.
  • Bone infections : Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis.
  • Other infections : Septicaemia, endocarditis, peritonitis, biliary tract infections, and meningitis.
A known hypersensitivity to penicillin.
Drug Interactions
Side Effects/Adverse Effects
As with other penicillins, side-effects are usually mild and transient including diarrhea, indigestion, and skin rashes.
Pregnancy & Lactation
Dosage & Administration
Oral Administration:
  • Adults:250 mg - 1 g every 6-8 hours
  • Children up to 2 years: 125 - 250 mg (1/2 - 1 teaspoonful) every 6-8 hours
  • Children 2 to 12 years:250 mg - 500 mg (1-2 teaspoonful) every 6-8 hours
Reconstitution of Flumox Dry Mix:
To make up, first shake the bottle to loosen powder, then add about 50 m water to the content of the bottle and shake well. Fill to the mark on the bottle and keep for about 5 minutes. Once reconstituted, Flumox must be stored in refrigerator and used within 10 days. Shake well before use.

Parenteral Administration:
  • Adults: 0.5g - 1g every 6-8 hours
  • Children (2 to 12 years): 1/2 the adult dose
  • Children (less than 2 years): 1/4 adult dose
Administration may be intramuscular, intravenous, or infusion.
Flumox vial should be injected immediately after reconstitution with distilled water for injection.
In severe infections, the vial may be given in infusion, every 4-6 hours.
For IM injection, Flumox vial 500 mg should be dissolved in 2 ml; Flumox vial 1000 mg should be dissolved in 4 ml water for injection.
For IV injection, Flumox vial 500 mg should be dissolved in 5 ml; Flumox vial 1000 should be dissolved in 10 ml of water for injection, given slowly over 3-4 minutes.
Flumox vial is stable with the commonly used intravenous fluids, if infused over a maximum period of 6 hours.
Solutions containing dextrose or other carbohydrates should be infused within 30-40 minutes and must be changed within 2 hours.
Solutions containing sodium bicarbonate must be changed within 4 hours.
Flumox must not be mixed with blood products or proteinaceous fluids.
Doses should be reduced in severe renal impairment.
Flumox 250 mg capsule :
  • Blisters of 6, 8 or 10 capsules each
  • Boxes of 12, 16, or 20 capsules
Flumox 500 mg capsule :
  • Blisters of 5 or 8 capsules each
  • Boxes of 8, 16, or 20 capsules
Flumox Dry Mix :
  • Bottles of 60 or 100 ml after reconstitution
Flumox 500 mg, 1 g Vial :
  • Boxes of 1 or 50 or 100 vials each
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